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Get Back Your Boyfriend - Two Sides of the Issue
Wednesday, 28 January 2009
How To Win Boyfriend Back - Two Sides of the Issue
If you continue feeling like your boyfriend is missing from your life and wish to quickly win him back, then these few words are appropriate in your case. For all that what occurred, always there is something to do about that, the sooner the better.

Let's consider both sides of the question:

1. You need help winning him back after dumping him.

2. Your ex dumped you and you don't have a clue as to how to get him back.

In case you were the one who did the break up with your ex boyfriend and want to get your ex boyfriend back

Ok, so in case you broke up with your ex, I guess the guy might be hurt and does not like you too much right now, but remember that he did want to go out with you in the firstplace, didn't he? So he in the end would agree to come back together again.

You may come up to your ex and openly admit being wrong about dumping him and seeing now that you'd like to be together again. And ask him later if he would go out with you today.

You might be punished by him for hurting him, so don't get your hopes up. Don't worry about it. What you did was correct. In that case let's go on about it as if your boyfriend dumped you in the first place - read on...

What should you do if your ex boyfriend was the one who broke up with you and you do want to get him back

Then what you need to do is rather different - you should let your ex think that although you are not really in any need for him but are ok to be friends again. Don't beg him to take you back, because that will turn him off and you will never win him back again.

Look your best and make an effort to see guys you know along with looking nice and satisified. Remember to make sure your guy graps the situation, and that would make him start to ask himself if he didn't make a mistake.

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Posted by relationshipsres at 4:08 AM EST

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