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How to Discover If You Are In a Compatible Relationship – Couple Compatibility Test
Wednesday, 7 October 2009
Book Review ­ 1000 Questions For Couples - Relationship Compatibility Tests

Book Review ­ 1000 Questions For Couples

One of the biggest reason marriages end in divorce is because couples fail to ask the big questions before they walk down the aisle.

If couples simply spent some time asking each other the questions that really matter, they'd greatly increase their chances of staying together.

The great thing about a "question book" is that it makes it easier to ask those difficult questions and encourages an environment to address them.

But is Michael Webb's "1000 Questions For Couples" the right book for this?

In short, yes. Most question books 'beat around the bush,' never really providing the important questions, and others simply don't have enough questions.

On the other hand, Webb has put together the most comprehensive collection of questions, covering every single topic you'd ever want to know about before tying the knot.

It includes tough subjects like money, children & child rearing, career, past and present relationships, religion, morals, convictions & beliefs, personality, and even sex.

But don't get me wrong ­ while there are many serious and tough topics to discuss, there are also many "lighter" yet just as important topics, including the car and driving, vacations, food and well being, pets, and your favorite things.

That's one thing I really loved about this book. It covered every conceivable topic from the super serious to the light-hearted and fun, making it easy for couples to start with easy questions and build their way up to important ones.

Also, a great bonus is having the ability to deliver 3 - 5 of the questions to my email each day, making everything automatic. I just go about my day and get new questions to ask my loved one, without having to really think about it.

In all, there's nothing really negative I can say about this book. It delivers exactly what it says and covers every question you would ever want to ask your loved one.

I highly recommend this book for everyone. NOT just couples who are thinking of getting married but also couples who just want to feel closer together, or people dating, who just want more things to talk about.

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Posted by relationshipsres at 3:46 AM EDT
Monday, 5 October 2009
How to Discover If You Are In a Compatible Relationship – Couple Compatibility Test

Couple compatibility test

Knowing if you are compatible with your partner can be quite a relief. And on the contrary - feeling like something is not as it should be - can be worrying or even frightening, depending on the stage your relationship is in.

If you asked yourself about how to know if you are compatible, then, I guess, at some point you felt like you are not quite compatible with your partner, did you? Can you remember exactly when that was?

Have you not agreed about something? Book, movie, food, something else? Or maybe you felt quite differently emotionally towards a thing? Like you liked it and your partner didn't or other way around.

If you read my other posts, Relationship Compatibility Categories, Simple Relationship Compatibility Test and How To Perform Emotional Relationship Compatibility Test you would see that in order to be compatible you should find yourself agreeing on more things than disagreeing with your partner, feel mostly the same emotions towards things and be able to quite freely communicate one with another.

Although it might be hard to find someone 100% compatible with you, but the closer you get the more joyful and enojoyable your relationship would be.

The best way is, of course to take a professional test which covers after some very thorough exploration exactly those questions which would give your rational, emotional and even communication compatibility right away. And don't forget - there is always something to do about things, so the test should not be an absolute, but rather a guidance about where to look for incompatibility and what to solve to be a really great couple and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Take our ACE - Free Online Couple Compatibility Test right now to test if you as a couple are really compatible!

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Posted by relationshipsres at 9:17 AM EDT

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