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Saturday, 3 October 2009
Free Emotional Compatibility Questionaire - How to Know If You Are Compatible?

Couple compatibility testEveryone wants to be happy, but what does that mean? Well, a person needs to eat enough of tasty and healthy food, be in good physical and emotional shape and enjoy himself. But what about a happy relationship? How one find the perfect partner for more than one night in the same bed?

Think for a second about your best friend - why are you best friends? Because he or she looks good or is the same as you? Or maybe because he or she is so different that it fascinates you and so you can argue a lot? Or probably because you feel differently about things?

Well, I know that my best friends I choose because we think the same about many things - we agree on more things in life than we disagree. We have very close emotions about life - enthusiasm or conservatism, slight interest or boredom, fear or worry or even grief. That mean we are emotionally close. And finally - I enjoy talking and listening to my friends - because they are neither too slow or too fast for me to follow the conversation.

So we have here 3 main close friendship compatibility categories:

  1. Large number of agreements versus small number of disagreements.


  2. Close emotional attitude toward life.


  3. Almost the same communication speed.


But that's about friendship, maybe relationship between man and woman should be different? Well, if it's all about sex than maybe. Having a strong sexual attraction is definitely great and is a source of a lot of fun and pleasure.

But what about tomorrow morning, having a breakfast together or spending some time talking about things, choosing where to go, which restaurant or what movie. That's what constitutes a relationship besides sex.

So to have a great relationship together such that would last much longer than one hot night, you need to understand just how close you with you partner are in:

  • Agreements
  • Communication
  • Emotions

And that's exactly what measures our new Free Online Compatibility Test for Couples - ACE which stands for exactly those three words.

After you order the test you would enter both your email and that of your partner and each of you would receive an invitation email with the link to start the test. You answer carefully preselected questions which cover all main aspects of life:

  1. The person himself - food, sports, eating habits
  2. Family, sex and raising children, spending vacations together
  3. Work, career, hobbies, friends, parents, politics
  4. Volunteering and causes
  5. Pets, cats, dogs, nature
  6. Houses, mortgages, finances, investments, spending money
  7. Movies, theaters, dancing and singing, reading books
  8. Religion and beliefs

After both of you are finished with the test you can now view your relationship compatibility results in the form of a meter:

Summarized Compatibility Level

Below the summarized compatibility level you receive the results for each of the test categories:

Agreements level
Emotional compatibility
Communicaiton compatibility

On the right side of each grade you will find practical recommendations on improving your compatibility if needed. These recommendations are easy to follow and have already proved effective in many years they are in use.

And finally after the compatibility levels you will see what each of you answered to each question, so you can discuss your answers in order to get closer together by coming to more and more agreements. This is the goal of that list.

The test allows people to understand how close they are and how easy their relationship will be. Doing the test and following the recommendations can greatly improve your chances on having a happy and loving long lasting relationship.

ACE - Free Online Couple Compatibility Test is the only test online or offline that tests all 3 relationship compatibility categories and is very easy and effective. Try it!

Additional posts on couple compatibility can be found on my Relationship Compatibility Advice blog.

Posted by relationshipsres at 11:38 AM EDT
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Friday, 2 October 2009
Free Emotional Compatibility Quiz - How to Discover If You Are Compatible?

People are surely not machines, they have emotions! If you know the list of human emotions and can identify them by just looking at another person, than you can suddenly discover that most people just time after time show the same emotion all over again.

Do you have a father who all the time finds something bad about things? Like he is being antagonistic in life? Or maybe your mother worries all the time - everything makes her nervous. Or your friend who all the time finds something new and interesting and gets pretty enthusiastic.

Well, you may say that such a regular, time after time emotional tone can identify a person. In his book, "Science of Survival" L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology religion, shows a fascinating chart of human emotions and behavior, by which you can predict how a particular person would behave in different situations.

How well will he be able to communicate? Will he be able to agree with you or will always find something wrong to tell you. Will you be able to trust him or not. And many many more interesting personal traits. It is a very powerful knowledge to have, I'd tell you.

Anyway, after you identify the regular or chronic - that which shows itself all the time, emotional tone of a person - you can do the same about yourself. Please, do not ask anyone to do that for you, use your own judgement - it's safer that way.

And finally compare between your emotional tones. If they seem to be the same - wonderful! You are emotionally compatible. If not, meaning you feel differently from your partner more times than feeling the same, oh-oh! Watch out! It seems you are not that compatible - your emotional compatibility is not at its best.

You are welcome to try this out for any relationship you have - friends, loved one, co-workers, even parents - this can explain quite a lot about trouble you might have with some people.

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Take ACE - Free Online Couple Compatibility Test to discover by using a carefully preselected list of questions if you are intellectually, emotionally and mentally compatible with your partner.

Posted by relationshipsres at 3:59 PM EDT
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Thursday, 1 October 2009
Dating Compatibility Questions The Couple Can Answer
What are the most important couple compatibility questions that both partners can answer to test your relationship compatibility? This question is asked by many couples, be it at the very beginning of dating each other, in a mature relationship or even after years of marriage. People change with time, you know...

Anyway, I personally know people who after 10 years of living together may incidentally look astonished at their partner and say to themselves in utter amazement: I have no idea who am I looking at! This is not a nice feeling and quite an awkward moment in your life to discover that you shared a bed with someone you don't quite have a idea about.

I mean do you know what the person feels, what emotions are in his or her heart? What thoughts go through his mind, what are her plans for the future. If you are serious about being partners, you better have a good grasp about what you have mutual agreements on and what you need to discuss and decide before going further in your relationship.

Couple compatibility questions should encompass, of course, the life in its fullest - the person himself, including body, food, sports activities, intellectual and spiritual life, and through many areas come to even his or her attitude toward volunteering or charity donations. People can feel quite an antagonism when not sharing some very high humanity beliefs, you know.

The best way is, of course to take a professional test which covers after some very thorough exploration exactly those questions which would give your rational, emotional and even communication compatibility right away. And don't forget - there is always something to do about things, so the test should not be an absolute, but rather a guidance about where to look for incompatibility and what to solve to be a really great couple and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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Posted by relationshipsres at 8:45 AM EDT
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